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Review of the "Wild Oranges" Score—Film Music Magazine

NPR Interview with Vivek Maddala

Cannes 2010: Interview Vivek Maddala--Cinezik Magazine

"Wild Oranges" Performance with Third Angle--The Oregonian

Review of "The Patsy" Score—Film Music Magazine

"Ace of Hearts" Review Excerpt—DVD Verdict

Excerpt from "The Silent Treatment"—
The Oregonian

Comments on "The Patsy" —

Comments on "The Patsy" — National Film Preservation Foundation

Local Composer Scores Silent Film— Gainesville Sun

Excerpt from "The Patsy" Review—San Francisco Examiner

Silent Films Tempt Soundtrack Composer—India-West




Excerpt from "To the Best of Our Knowledge"
An Interview with Vivek Maddala
National Public Radio, May 22 2005

"Vivek Maddala knows how to tell a good story. [His music] can put a lump in your throat or make you laugh out loud. His themes are timeless and universal...." - Steve Paulson, NPR the audio interview

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